• Tomorrow’s lawyers today.

  • Tomorrow’s lawyers today.

  • Tomorrow’s lawyers today.

  • Tomorrow’s lawyers today.

  • Tomorrow’s lawyers today.

  • Legal services for
    tech companies.

    We are a legal services company in Zurich focused on tech, fintech, and digital businesses. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the obstacles companies face, and we don’t want legal to be one of them. We combine our legal expertise with lean processes, legal technology, and unique flat fee pricing models to provide legal services that are fast, effective, and price-predictable.

  • A better path for businesses and lawyers.

    We’re re-defining legal services for startups and established businesses and lawyers alike. Our aim is to provide the best possible legal service for businesses, while also providing lawyers with the best possible work environment. The result: the best outcomes for both sides.

  • What drives us.

    • Community

      They say there’s strength in numbers. Communities have shown transformative power across many industries, yet it’s hardly seen in the area of legal services. We want to make law more accessible and de-mystify it by leveraging the experiences of the community. At LEXR we encourage openness and discourse. We host free events to share legal knowledge for benefit of the community.

    • Standardization

      Why reinvent the wheel? We believe in standardizing and streamlining instead of maximizing billable hours for the same tasks, over and over again. While we standardize repetitive tasks and legal documents in general, we never do so at the expense of personalized and tailored advice. Our modular structure ensures the specifics are assessed and adapted to the individual needs of each company.

    • Technology

      Legal technology is available in many forms – yet it’s vastly underused in the legal services industry. At LEXR, we apply technology to an increasing number of work processes, eliminating many of the mundane and repetitive tasks that lawyers face. This empowers our lawyers to focus on the law. It also means faster and more efficient work product for our clients.

  • Facts.

    Main reasons for tech, fintech and digital companies to choose legal service providers like LEXR.

    • 97%
    • 80%
      Peak coverage
    • 70%

    Source: Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business zum Thema «Outsourcing Legal Services: Impact on National Law Practice»

Legal Services

Monthly Legal Subscription

For recurring legal needs, we offer flat fees on a monthly basis. As a subscribing business, you’ll have a dedicated legal counsel, access to our whole team’s knowledge, and fast response times for your legal challenges at a predictable monthly expense. Peak times can be covered - with no gaps for holidays or sick leave. 

Monthly flat fee arrangements can be used for a wide range of assignments, from setting a fixed number of hours per month and  outsourcing specific legal tasks, to full coverage of all your legal needs. There is no commitment and you’ll have maximum flexibility - flat fees can be adjusted or cancelled at any time.








Hourly Expert Services

For one-off projects and ad-hoc needs, you can hire LEXR on an hourly basis. We offer competitive rates for our expert services and cover a broad range of legal topics. Our team also covers general business law, with special focus in the following areas:

FinTech & Blockchain

Startups & Venture Capital

Software & Technology


Intellectual Property

Contracts & Agreements


Legal Project Flat Fees

Choose from our growing range of legal project flat fees or ask us for an upfront flat-fee quote for your next specific legal project.

GDPR, FDPA, EU, Switzerland

Data Protection

Tokenized Shares, STO, Fundraising

Tokenized Shares

Startups, Venture Capital, Legal Basics

Startup Legal Services


We work with tech, fintech and digital businesses – from startups and emerging businesses to corporate legal departments. You don’t have to take our word for it – see what our customers are saying about us.

LEXR provided fast and professional support to set up the data protection guidelines for both, the website of our association & our event page. We greatly appreciate LEXR's combination of expertise and hands-on approach. They are lawyers with a clearly entrepreneurial spirit.

Co-Founder, Swiss Finance Startups

We have successfully tokenized our shares with the LEXR team – they accompanied the process from beginning to end with their deep expertise in corporate law and blockchain matters.

CEO, Alethena

The data privacy experts at LEXR provided us with a tailor-made compliance package and were very responsive to all of our questions.

CEO, Ledgy

We are very lucky to have LEXR as our partner in Switzerland for all our daily legal needs and access to a vast network.

COO, Bitmain

LEXR is the perfect match for a fast-growing startup: Fast and highly competent services combined with cost certainty.

Daniel Naeff CEO, Oakura

Finally, we can rely on top legal advice, that does not drain our budget.

Emmanuel Guisset CEO, Outsite

The people at LEXR provided me with what I was looking for: Straight-forward legal advice delivered fast and on a clear budget.


Legal Blog

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At LEXR, I have the option of choosing which particular projects to be assigned to, which allows me to devote my core competencies to matters where I can make the greatest impact.

Daniel Wünn, Legal Assistant

On my first day at the office, my colleagues asked me about my professional goals and made sure that every day since was a step towards reaching them.

Anna Maria Tonikidou, Legal Counsel