Data Protection: EU GDPR and Swiss DPA

From data protection essentials for startups to tailor-made compliance programs for international companies, our CIPP/E certified experts will get you the data protection compliance that fits your business best.

Our data protection services promise to you

CIPP/E certified experts with business focus

Good compliance solutions improve your business. We not only understand the law, but also technology and your business needs so we can craft compliance solutions that seamlessly integrate with your business processes, impress your customers and limit any administrative overhead.

Fast delivery

80% of data protection compliance is the same for all businesses. There is simply no need to re-invent the wheel. Empowered by years of experience, document automation tools and efficient processes, our experts deliver fast so you can focus on your core business.

Transparent pricing

The costs of compliance with regulations should not hold back entrepreneurship. Our offerings are therefore streamlined for cost-effectiveness and, wherever possible, we provide you with full flat-fee quotes for transparency and cost control.

All data protection offerings at a glance

Privacy expert services

The above will cover the data protection needs for the majority of cases. However, if you are processing personal data as part of your core business, handle special categories of personal data such as health data or have other very company-specific privacy challenges, our CIPP/E certified data protection experts are here to help. Our expertise includes:

Not sure what suits you best, or do you have a specific request? Simply book a free call with one of your privacy experts, we’re happy to find the best way forward with you.

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Fee options

10h package for CHF 2’750

Our top hourly rate is reduced to CHF 275 (from CHF 375), giving you at least 10 hours of time with our experts.

20h package for CHF 5’000

Our top hourly rate is reduced to CHF 250 (from CHF 375), giving you at least 20 hours of time with our experts.

Hours do not lapse and can be used for advice in all legal areas. Prices are excl. VAT. Ask us for a quote. We also offer daily and monthly rates.

Which data protection offering is right for you?

The two variables that determine your data protection needs

Stage of compliance

 We have offerings for any stage of your compliance journey:

  1. Get to compliance: If you are just getting started with data protection compliance, we have the right solutions to get you there quickly.
  2. Maintain compliance: If your business has already done the heavy lifting, we help you manage and automate your day-to-day compliance processes.
  3. Expert requests: If you have a complex question or another special request, please reach out to discover how we can assist.
Size & complexity

The size of your business and the business model drive the scope of compliance needs. If you answer any of the below questions with YES, the high complexity packages are probably right for you:

  1. Processor for other companies: Does your business model revolve around processing personal data for other companies (e.g., you provide payroll services or newsletter management software)?
  2. Personal data as key business asset: Do you use personal data for anything beyond simple customer relationship management (CRM), newsletter marketing and employee management (e.g., you analyze health data or deliver personalized ads to consumers)?
  3. Regulated industries: Do you operate in a regulated industry such as financial services, insurance or healthcare?

For everyone else (e.g., online shops or business consulting companies), our low complexity packages are typically all you need.

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Your data protection experts

  • 1
    Anna Maria Tonikidou

    Anna Maria is our Head of Data Privacy. She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional for Europe (CIPP/E) by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and a researcher at the European Law Observatory on New Technologies (ELONTech).

    She has led complex data protection projects for SaaS, medtech, fintech, adtech, gaming and IoT companies. Prior to LEXR, she worked for law firms based in Zurich, Luxembourg and Germany and has obtained an LLM in Corporate Law from the University of Heidelberg, and an MLaw with a focus on Data Privacy from the University of Zurich.

  • 2
    Christian Meisser

    Christian has advised tech companies and regulated industries on data privacy since 2013, working at international law firms in Zurich and London. Since then, he advised countless data-driven businesses on how to use data as a business asset and build a compliant data privacy governance.

    Besides building deep privacy expertise working with customers in Switzerland and Europe, Christian published articles and regularly holds workshops and trainings on data protection for businesses.

  • 3
    Thomas Kuster

    Thomas focuses on intellectual property, data protection and tech contract law. He advises clients on strategies for the protection of their data, inventions, trademarks and knowhow as well as on various legal matters concerning technology.

    Before starting at LEXR, Thomas worked in leading law firms in Switzerland and Denmark where he gained extensive experience in his fields of practice and a general knowledge of Swiss and European law.

  • 4
    Yoann Garraux

    Yoann predominantly advises clients in the fields of data privacy law, intellectual property law, and other day-to-day legal issues.

    Before joining LEXR, Yoann worked as a law clerk at the tribunal of Bienne. He also interned in an international arbitration law firm in Zürich where he supported the drafting of requests and submissions in various proceedings. Yoann is currently preparing to apply for the bar of canton Bern in 2023.

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