Special Projects

Custom legal projects come in all shapes and sizes.  Here’s an overview of our most common short-term project types:

Blockchain & Capital Markets

We advise on compliant blockchain business set-up, ICOs, FINMA no action letter applications, prospectuses for bonds and shares, licensing, exchanges, and other topics in the FinTech space.


We provide support to entrepreneurs and startup businesses every step of the way, including company formation, employment matters, contracts, intellectual property, general strategic legal set-up and more.

Contracts & Agreements

We provide support through the entire contract lifecycle, offering expertise in drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and managing the contracts that are critical for your business.

Technology Law

We have a strong track record of representing fast-growing tech companies, who we assist with contract, intellectual property, privacy, data protection, regulatory compliance, and other issues specific to the tech client’s domain.

Employment Law

We guide and help with employment contracts, restructuring, pre-trial dispute resolution and termination.

Data Protection

We advise on vertical and company specific data protection, general data protection regulation compliance check and roadmap and help with execution and enforcement.

Formation & Transition

We help you select and form the business entity that best suits your needs, and also review governing documents and assist with transition strategies and restructuring.