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GmbH to AG conversion process

For a GmbH to be converted into an AG, the capital requirements for the AG in particular must be met. Therefore, a capital increase is usually necessary as a first step.

This involves increasing the company’s share capital to at least CHF 100,000. In a second step after the capital increase, the legal form is effectively changed.

The process is similar to that for an incorporation, i.e., a notarized general meeting is required, new articles of association must be drawn up and the board of directors must be (re-)appointed. In addition, confirmation from an auditor is required with regard to the financial situation of the company.

GmbH to AG conversion package


20-min kick-off call with one of our experienced legal experts.

Legal expert advice

Legal expert advice to guide you through the process from beginning to end. This typically requires 1-2 hours of expert legal advice; 2 hours are included in our flat-fee packages. For complex cases, we indicate that more work may be needed as soon as possible.

Capital increase in the GmbH (in cash)

To ensure that the capital requirements for the AG (CHF 100’000, min. 50% paid in) are met.

  • Includes all corporate documents and coordination with notary public and commercial register

To achieve the desired ownership structure


Conversion of the company to a stock corporation, takes place simultaneously with the capital increase

  • Includes all corporate documents, coordination with auditor, notary public and commercial register



CHF 2’500 flat-fee (excl. VAT and fees for audit, notary public and commercial register)

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    Michele Vitali, Head of Startup Financing & VC

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    Elie Bourdilloud, Head of M&A and Legal Counsel

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    Christian Meisser, CEO & Legal Counsel

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