Natalie Pompe

Junior Legal Counsel

Natalie joined LEXR part-time between her bar exams. In addition she works part time as a legal counsel for a global AI company and as an inhouse counsel for a Zurich-based AI startup.

She completed her bar training in data protection, technologies and disputes and graduated with her MLaw focused on IT Law in Zurich. Her PhD on the effects of constitutional rights within the digital sphere is currently under review. In addition she frequently speaks and lectures on AI governance.  Her experience allows Natalie to combine legal and technical expertise with a sense for disruptive and scalable business models.

Prior to COVID, she has created and launched a yoga platform called Anyyogi. Natalie is a Yoga teacher herself, has a love for dance and enjoys a variety of partner dances from Brazilian zouk to modern jazz. In her free time, she is to be found either on a beach, in the mountains or at a dance festival.